Create a space we’re proud to be a part of

Client: Studio60

Check the Figma prototype


  • Visual identity & brand style
  • Graphic materials and illustrations
  • UX reflection
  • Wireframe
  • WordPress Website customization with Elementor



Swiss Web Engineering Institut (SWEI) aims to offer web development training that emphasizes direct teaching and practice. The objective is to design a seamless registration platform that reflects the quality, community, and loyalty the client wishes to convey.


Visual elements have been designed to convey the professionalism and dynamism of the training while highlighting the welcoming aspect of the community. Given the high price of the training, several calls to action have been implemented to facilitate initial contact, such as the possibility of contacting an advisor or downloading the detailed program.

The website was developed using the WordPress Elementor plugin, allowing us to customize the graphic elements and launch the site quickly to test the training program.