Find the melting point of stereotype

E-Commerce UI/UX Design & Development

Client: KONOI

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  • Visual identity
  • Photography, graphic materials, and illustrations
  • UX&UI design
  • Wireframe
  • WP child theme development



From the very first days of our life, society sprinkles drops of stereotypes in our minds to make our life “easier”. Over the years drops become more solid and define how we see the world. My responsibility in this project was to find the melting point of the hemp plant stereotype and support the brand’s e-commerce website to inspire and build a community with healthy and sustainable nutrition.

“Oh I didn’t know” is the frequent reaction when we talk directly with consumers about the health and ecological benefits of the plant. Hemp is still one of the “mauvais herbes” in people’s minds. The entire UI/UX must evoke a welcoming and reliable atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for visitors.


The homepage is designed to put forward the product quality as well as to address common questions regarding hemp-based foods and to meet the needs of individuals who pay special attention to their diet. Soft and bright graphics inspire a positive, delightful food experience with natural ingredients, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and advocating for sustainable food production.

The product page is specially tailored with a WordPress child theme, enabling the site owner to provide comprehensive information about each product. Additionally, it offers the option to include quantity discounts, enhancing user engagement and facilitating informed purchasing decisions.