Convey delightful feeling under the sunshine

UI/UX Design for Product Launch Landing Page

Personal Project (2023)

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  • Visual identity
  • Photography curation
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Development of text content using ChatGPT



Who doesn’t love peaceful scenery where bees hop over from flowers to flowers under the sunshine? I Love. When I was challenged to develop a demo landing web page in two days to demonstrate my skills, I took the opportunity to realise a web page conveying this delightful feeling.


This landing page is designed for the launch of Sweet Hope, an environmentally friendly honey. The goal was to create a dynamic and engaging online experience, highlighting information related to environmental issues while capturing visitors’ interest in this unique product.

The concept for this landing page relied on a vibrant and eye-catching visual aesthetic. Every element of the page communicates the importance of supporting environmentally friendly practices while presenting Sweet Hope honey as a sustainable and responsible solution.

The landing page is developed to provide an informative eThe landing page is developed to provide an informative experience to visitors, making the page powerful and captivating. The landing page concludes with a simple and intuitive purchase form, allowing visitors to place their orders seamlessly and support this ecological initiative.