KONOÏ branding

Branding & Packaging design Illustrator, Photoshop, Illustration

KONOÏ is a handmade hemp food brand with a mission to redefine hemp as a fine food ingredient and contribute to a healthy lifestyle of its customer. KONOÏ is particularly specialized in non-dairy sweet products like lactose-free milk, ice cream, and baked goods.

Taking into account misunderstandings that exist even today about hemp in the general public, my challenge was to craft a clean and trustful but also approachable brand image. When we talk about hemp, most people think about smoking, confusing with “marijuana” In reality, however, hemp seed is one of the most nutrient crops in the world.
In order to communicate a right message to the targeted people, I needed to create a brand image capable to surpass the existing misconceptions about hemp.

To support the brand’s message, an allover pattern was conceived to apply to marketing materials such as visiting cards, packaging, and promotional products. Some illustrations are also drawn to give a personal touch and reinforce the brand image.